Hackers could target TVs, mobiles and fitness trackers say security chiefs

Cyber-criminals could target phones, watches, TVs and fitness trackers, security chiefs fear.

A report claims web-connected devices give crooks more scope to plunder personal information for use in extortion and fraud.

The National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency warns “ransomware strikes” – a bug that blocks devices until the user agrees to pay a fee – are the biggest risk.

Their study says: “This data may not be inherently valuable and might not be sold on criminal forums but the device and data will be sufficiently valuable to the victim that they will be willing to pay for it. Ransomware on connected watches, fitness trackers and TVs will present a challenge to manufacturers.”

Even your baby monitor could be at risk

There have even been suggestions that baby monitors and pacemakers could be vulnerable.

Analysts think there will be as many as 21 billion web-linked devices globally by 2020.

The NCSC and NCA report adds: “The rise of internet connected devices gives attackers more opportunity.”

Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the NCSC, said: “Cyber-attacks will continue to evolve, which is why the public and private sectors must continue to work at pace to reduce the threat.”

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