It’s Officially Haim Time Thanks To This New Music Tease

Excuse the caps-lock abuse but SOME OCCASIONS CALL FOR IT, and Haim finally dropping new music after a very, very long wait is such a time.

The sister trio have been writing and recording the follow-up to 2013’s Days Are Gone for what feels like a lifetime. They’ve played new tracks at select gigs (including a few festival engagements) during the past year, and now it appears they’re ready to let the world in on what they’ve been working on.

In a brief clip Haim posted to Twitter, Danielle is channeling her inner Animal and warming up on a drum kit.

Does this mean a new single is dropping April 27? Or a new video? Or just a longer video of Danielle wrecking a kit like Garth did in that Wayne’s World guitar-shop sequence? Whatever it is, MY BODY IS READY, as I have an illness, and the cure is not more cowbell, but more Haim.

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