This Is What The Climate March Looked Like Across The Country

President Donald Trump may not think that climate change should be a priority for the country, but the Climate March protests proved that the American people won’t stand for it.

Hundreds of thousands of environmentalists swarmed the streets of the U.S.’s largest cities on Saturday, urging the White House to take climate change seriously. 

Protestors at the Climate March, which was held on President Trump’s 100th day in office, denounced the Trump administration for signing executive orders that slashed policies that flight climate change, all in the name of a coal-focused “energy revolution.”

While the main march took place in Washington D.C. and in front of the White House, hundreds of sister marches were held across the country in a show of solidarity.

From Chicago to Denver, San Francisco to Honolulu, protesters marched in snow storms and sweltering heat to let their president know that they care about the planet ― and they need him to care about it too.

Below, take a look at Saturday’s Climate Marches as they marched on coast to coast.

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