Elton John compares London Grammar’s Hannah Reid to Laura Marling

On this week’s Rocket Hour, Elton speaks to Hannah Reid from London Grammar ahead of the release of their new album. They talk about the expectation from the new album, touring, and Glastonbury.

On the album
It’s our second album, and it took us a while to make it because, after the first one, well, we recorded the first one for two and a half years, so it took it’s time, put it that way for the songs to come, and I’m not someone who can write songs whilst on the road really.

On Elton comparing Hannah to Laura Marling
You’re not a pop song in the traditional current chart fashion, you write beautiful songs like Laura Marling. That’s the way I’ve put you, and you have the most beautiful voice. Your album and Laura Marling’s album are something that I think are a class apart, it’s just one of the reasons why we wanted to talk to you, because we’re very supportive of London Grammar on this show. It’s not the kind of music that gets in the chart these days because there’s no room for intelligence really in the charts, it’s just more or less what it is, with a couple of exceptions.

On Hannah about her expectations of the album
We don’t really have any expectations as such, we just want to work really hard again. We hope that our fans love it as much as they love the first one, it is definitely is a bit different than the first one which is a good thing.

On Festivals and performing at Glastonbury
Hannah: I think we’ve got a festival on every weekend, we’re doing Glastonbury which I’m so excited about. It’s Sunday night.
Elton: Are you on the Pyramid stage?
Hannah: Yep, are you going to make your way over there do you think, to Glastonbury?
Elton: I don’t know, I’ve never been to Glastonbury, ha ha, as I get older I can’t stand the mud. I always watch it on the telly and I enjoy it very much.

On Touring
We’ll definitely be touring but I think we’re going to tour slightly differently. I think the first one, we toured too much basically. And, I think for us to protect our creativity we have to tour in the right way and give us breaks so we can keep writing. The lineup on tour, well, on the first album, goodness me, we did so much. We did every festival, we went to America about three times. We worked really hard, and it was great.

Elton On Laura Marling
The Laura Marling record is one of my favourite records of the year, best album of the year so far without question. Although Father John Misty’s record is fantastic, as so is Khalid. Laura Marling, beautiful, I can’t say enough about how brilliant that record is.

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