This weeks Top 5 emerging and self-releasing artists

Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

This week we have singles and videos from some of the best upcoming artists in alternative pop and soul.

Fröst – Delta Antenna

‘Delta Antenna’ marks as the follow up single ‘Keratin’, that both feature on the upcoming debut EP released in May. Styling a rich and dense instrumental honing in on their industrial and motorik influences.

Friends In Paris – When Your Heart Is A Stranger

With a haunting piano riff, soulful chants, an infectious melody and a vocal that can sooth even the coldest of hearts, ‘When Your Heart Is A Stranger’ is the perfect song to soundtrack anyone who has experienced conflict with their heart. ‘When Your Heart Is A Stranger’ is the first single to be taken from their debut EP “Heart”, due for release this summer.

CROOX – Loyal

CROOX’s latest release ‘LOYAL’ showcases CROOX’s taste of minimal; electronic hip-pop, which follows on from the release of their double release ‘Only Human’ and ‘Horizon’ produced by Radio 1 Xtra’s CJ Beatz and Jordan Crisp aka Wide Awake. Get listening.

JESUTON – Man Of My Life

The young singer JESUTON has proudly announced the release of her debut album of original material ‘Home’. Man Of My Life is a cut from this that’s filled with traveller’s soul, revealing a profound internal universe through introspective wordplay and a wash of lush soundscapes and live instrumentation.

Mac DeMarco – My Old Man

Opening his new album with previously released single ‘My Old Man’, an acoustic guitar line sits behind a sweetened layer of bubbly 808 beats. Mac Demarco lyrics focus on dreaded reaction of looking in a mirror and seeing your father.

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