Emma Watson And Josh Gad Invite Someone Special To Their Movie Of The Year Acceptance Speech

Beauty and the Beast costars Emma Watson and Josh Gad needed one more person to celebrate their Movie of the Year win Sunday night (May 7) at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles. The live-action Disney classic beat out Get Out, Logan, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and The Edge of Seventeen for the night’s highest honor in cinema.

“Is Bill Condon in the house?” Emma asked the crowd as soon as she got onstage, extending an exclusive invitation to Beauty and the Beast‘s director. Mrs. Potts, Lumière, and Cogsworth — the trio famous for singing “Be Our Guest” to Belle in one of the film’s most iconic numbers — would be proud of her hospitality.

“Don’t even think you’re going to get away with this. Come here. You directed this,” she demanded politely, a combination only people with a British accent seem to have perfected. Condon soon joined them onstage, where he thanked fans for their support as Watson looked like the real-life embodiment of the heart-eyes emoji.

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“Thank you to the audience who embraced this movie so much, but especially to the women,” Condon said. “Women have proven that they are a huge and powerful audience, and it’s going to change the movie business.”

Gad followed up with more lighthearted remarks, probably just to annoy Watson: “I love popcorn. Mary Poppins. Pip-pip, cheerio. Love, love, bye, bye.”

“Please stop, dear god, please,” Watson pleaded, blushing. It’s a good thing she got her most inspiring words in at the beginning of the show, when she made history by winning Best Actor in a Movie.

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